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  • Emily Freeman

    by joy the baker in What it Means to Boil Water :: one of my favorite posts from Uganda.

  • Shelly Ziegler

    What It Means To Boil Water by Joy Wilson (aka Joy The Baker) "Breakfast, lunch, and supper emerge bubbling and warm from this mud stove. Every day a new fire. Every day a new bowl of boiling water. It’s simple, earnest, and exactly what it should be."

  • Compassion International

    "How much grace do you need to boil water? Well…. a lot. It’s a journey that starts with an empty castor oil jug, a long walk, a mud stove, and ends in a cup of tea and cookies. It’s more than a hike for hot water and cookies, it’s about a beautiful and loving life." ~JoyTheBaker #CompassionBloggers

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What It Means To Boil Water Love following this woman's cooking blog and once in a while she shares her passion for helping children in foreign countries.

1. An inspirational quote. I like this quote because it makes you realize that you can be that person you want if you put effort into it, if you "water" your seeds ie : goals. #modcloth #makeitwork

Mowich lake, Mount Rainier. Cold clear water i was here in winter but i sure would love to be here when the water is this clear

"Hope comes in unexpected places." ~Jeff Goins CompassionBloggers

The Water Garden at the Chateau of Villandry, France.

A child in Bayaha, a village in eastern Haiti, tastes clean water for the first time.

Something to think about. Time to get clean drinking water to these places!

Seriously People! Buy a Nalgene or Camelbak for $10 and a Brita Pitcher for $20! Save money and the environment!

A young girl drinks deeply from a plastic water container. In Chad, Africa, water is scarce and often contaminated.