ebony floors & stairs

Wonderful Palmetto Life

I really enjoy this mansion-styled staircase. It becomes a focus point in the center of any home, consisting of luxurious wide steps that fork left and right mid-way up. Extravagant.

Love the book shelf on the landing!

arched halfway entrance

Hollyy shit.

Reclaimed barn wood flooring. . .LOVE!

Amazing entryway. I will never have a house big enough to create something like this. I love it so.

chevron stairs

Beautiful floor design! http://www.craftmarkinc.com/reclaimed-timber-products/

Dark Wood Floors Open Plan

Open basement. Instead of hiding your basement make it a reverse foyer. Love this idea!

dark floors, gray walls, white trim.

white + dark wood floors

The wide paneled wood floors and vaulted ceiling are breathtaking...

A reader was quite taken with our Royal Design Studio marquetry stairways in a recent San Diego Home & Garden magazine feature and we suggested artists Vicki Schultz & Julie Young for the project! Gorgeous results! http://modellodesigns.com/

A light-filled hallway, designed to resemble an enclosed porch, leads from the kitchen to the garage. “I purposefully lowered the ceiling in that hallway to give it that cozy feeling,” says Dixon.