it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful #idhtbptbb :: Why my home looks worse than yours in real life

the perfect line: 20 "Feel Good" Quotes To Make You Smile

being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth embrace your you ness, words, quotes


Great quote about dear friends - I thought I had some Very Good Friends in my life, but - after 20-30+ years of being in my life, they all threw me under the usual bus. It's painful. But to think I loved these people & might have, situation-wise, taken a bullet for them makes me sick to my stomach. Betrayal is a very word.

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yep, what I've been doing my entire life... even though my family has never taken notice...

quotes about life.

I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.

I will hold myself to a standard of grace, NOT perfection. Amen #quotes

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Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got life quotes quotes quote inspirational life lessons life sayings life comments


People need to take this more seriously, myself included. I get really sick of hearing "I hate my life", "my life sucks", "fml"... life is beautiful, there are just some less-beautiful days.

A perfect little thought. #quotes

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does not have to be perfect to be wonderful

Life is everything..Think about your you are living it. Enjoy life's every moment, try to feel it, learn from it..