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Streetcar in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon was an amazing and beautiful city. We kept eating at the same amazing place with the best roasted chicken you've ever had.

Tram, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisboa yellow tram - old district #Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal

Engadin Valley – Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Lisbon, Portugal. With Pascal Mercier in Night Train to Lisbon

Porto, Portugal

Old electric train.


★ Lisboa melancólica--been here and walked up that crazy hill to our hostel with Kel. #missingeurope #portugal

Lisbon tram.

Lisbon Portugal #NaaiAntwerp

Morning in the city of Rouen, Upper Normandy, France

The autumn tram, Sintra, Portugal > By Alika

Lisbon, Portugal

The famous trolley 28 in Lisbon, Portugal:) I was smooshed up in the front against the seat on the trolley!

Porto, Portugal

Lisbon - Portugal I love trains and streetcars and trams and subways and such

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