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7 deadly sins of PR "Someone asked if I was living in Sin. And I said, Oh yes, I moved there years ago.

People who brush-off, dismiss, ignore, and act condescending about my limitations and the fact that I have CFIDS, gastroparesis, and chronic adult epstein barr syndrome and AM INDEED S-I-C-K....! X-{

Thank you for making me so angry that every time I open my mouth it appears that I have Tourette's Syndrome.

this one's for you @Kate McPherson

Humor) 'I've been blabbering the whole time and I get the feeling you're going to start talking so let me let you go'

lol this is me 100%

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hehehe, that's typically how I feel...the second part that is

Why is it that the girls in tampon commercials are dancing and laughing? Shouldn't they be revving chainsaws and burning shit down?


Only four more days until a bitch can get drunk.that's if you only drink on the weekends.

Blunt Cards..where's the exit

Funny pictures about No alcohol at this party. Oh, and cool pics about No alcohol at this party. Also, No alcohol at this party.

Stupid drivers

First that stupid jerk cut me off in traffic, then he stole my parking space, and now his car's paint is on my key!


I'm just about to slam it into turbo bitch. This is so us when we get pissed off!