Ron Swanson, Well Damn ahahaha

My all time favorite Ron Swanson quote!

If only my life was a reality show.

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Ron Swanson

Could very well be.

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Moss does have sweet style.

The sum of my life.this would definitely go well on my tombstone...or a WTF?!

Ron Swanson is The Man. Parks and Recreation

This declaration of independence. | 23 Times Ron Swanson Was Inarguably Right About The World


My I hate you face must look very similar to my tell me more face. Ill have to work on that.

I like you. And I usually don't like things or people. @Gemma Docherty Leck @Emma Zangs Gray @Judith Zissman Blair

Ron Swanson is everything that epitomizes awesome

Parks and recreations

be the Leslie Knope of what you do

I'd love to talk but I'm in a hurry to get home so I can be alone. -