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I'm loving The Nester's pretty pink & blue office space.

that nester. she outdid herself in that white kitchen in her new farmhouse.

modern.contemporary. open plan. rustic. traditional. kitchen design. tiles. countertops. flooring. lighting. cabinetry. backsplash and hardware.

kitchen wall. What a cute idea with collecting cute plates. Sucks in CA that we have earthquakes... they'd have to be pretty secure or plastic. :)

Stacks of hats + black wall with plates - could be any vintage collection though - very sweet

hunted-interior-patio.jpg (650×999)... not the plates though, but I love the black shed and everything else

Vogue - Sheet Size: 12 3/8 inch x 12 3/8 inch - Water Jet Cut

Design Futures, Morocco, Sustainability, Colour, Pattern, Print, Inspiration, Hand Craft, Worldwide, Artisan, Technique, DIY, Heritage, Emotion, Attachment, Degree, Fashion, Student, Project, Scenario, LEVIS, 2025, Forum for the Future

plywood planks as backsplash. This kitchen is sheer perfection! Photobucket