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    I never looked at it like this! Soooo true, especially since I only truly only take pictures of people I know and my family

    With age comes wisdom... I really hope someday I can think this way.

    Very true

    So so true.

    That is so true

    So true.

    so true...




    story of my life

    Hahaha! Seriously story of my life..this or standing up for somebody else ..only low lives need to rant about others for days on end!! ✌️

    So many different occasions people have turned out to be the exact opposite of who they've claimed to be. It's a heartbreaking experience to lose friends in such a way...

    Something to remember.

    True-- Ladies, do not allow your ex to take your life away from you or your family, as I did. It will hurt for a time but realize that if he cheated on you, or walked out on you, you need to let him go...mind, body, and soul!

    Very true

    so true

    The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes forms your enemies... So true!!!... Quotes!