tell your story

After what I've heard and seen, my X-girlfriends picture should be attached to this pin! I do mean this but I still love you......& I can forget! I just want you back! ❤

So this is a true story.


So true because to hold on is to let your heart stay hurt, angry and get bitter. Best to just let go and move on, let God work in the situation

no can do

So very, very, very true.

You are worth a lot!

That is so true

Oh exactly.

So true. If I had a dollar for every time this has happened to me or someone has done it to my significant other...

So true

True that


So true.

Sometime God redeems your story by surrounding you with people who need to hear your past, so it doesn't become their future.

Believe in yourself. Remember how far you have come. Check out my new blog

This is true.

Who you were, who you are and who you will be are 3 different people. I love this...getting better with age.