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Demi Lovato gives Twitter and Instagram a break to avoid trolls

How Tech Can Shut Down Patent Trolls

How Tech Can Shut Down Patent Trolls Ken Seddon Crunch Network Contributor Ken Seddon is the CEO of LOT Network a nonprofit trade association committed to protecting its members from patent troll litigation. How to join the network Thetrollsof mythologycanbe conquered with lightning church bells or heroic cunning but shuttingdown todayspatenttrollsrequires a more comprehensive approach. Patenttrolls more formally known as Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) pose a major threat to American…

Guide helps you fight online harassment

Guide helps you fight online harassment Harassment may be a regular part of the modern internet landscape but that doesn't mean that you have to simply sit there and take it. Feminist Frequency which is all too familiar with harassment and threats has posted a guide to protecting yourself against the onslaught of digital bullies stalkers and trolls. In some ways it's about observing common sense privacy and security policies: avoid sharing more personal info than necessary use…

A brief history of open letters to Twitter

A brief history of open letters to Twitter By Harry McCracken This article originally appeared on Fast Company and is reprinted with permission. Slates David Auerbach has a plan to fix Twitter. In brief it involves making it a more welcoming place and minimizing harassment by shielding users from tweets other than those sent by people theyve chosen to follow. He outlines his strategysoberly headlined What Twitter Must Doin the form of an open letter to Twitter itself: Social networks…

Dashlane hires former and Makespace