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  • Cathy Jones

    Yep. I'm sure soul mates can be friends right?! I have some awesome sick friends.

  • Esta Beltran

    my friends are my soulmates!

  • Scott Le Roy

    My best friend is my soul mate!

  • AMF

    The absolute joy that we have watching infomercials, especially cheesy music CD/DVD compilations of the 70's (all genres) and to think I used to get paid for this:):):) My KDK, is indeed, my soul mate!

  • Amanda Gentile

    both the love of my life (hubby) and my soul mate do this actually so does the love of her life.. , which is why i love them all

  • Mary Keenan

    This is MY ecard because EVERYONE is my soulmate or my BFF! <3

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