Zac Effron-G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s-e!!!!!

Zac Efron he has been my crush since the first high school musical.

Zac Efron.... After seeing him in The Lucky One, and in an AUBURN shirt, I'm sold. That makes up for the mishaps of every high school musical, easily. <3

The high school musical man himself Zac celebrities wearing scrunchies Celebrities – 40 Pics Ryan Gosling

Behaviorism Ryan Gosling! O.M.G  b.f skinner is one of my fav psychologists...I love this so much!!

He knows just how hard the job of Special Education Teacher is. He gets us. And it's good to be understood. Check back often for updates on Hey Girl for the Learning Support Teacher!

young Leonardo Dicaprio This is when I first saw Leonardo....Instantly fell in love! <3

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Yes, Titanic is my Favorite movie. Yes, Leonardo is my favorite guy. My favorite actor. He has my whole heart!

this should be a poster they hang up in hallways at schools. Hahahhahahahah

Funny pictures about There is hope. Oh, and cool pics about There is hope. Also, There is hope.

Jeremy Sumpter! He made dreams come true with Peter Pan

oh peter many times did i watch that movie? i had to be the only one of my friends who knew that kid's name was jeremy sumpter. My childhood crush on Peter Pan has not ended. I regret nothing.