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    Boss bitches with attitude

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    Boss Bitch!!

    ♥ like a boss!!

    bitch - love this!


    I'm not really a bitch...

    I'm not ALWAYS a bitch...


    Bitch please, your 'I don't give a fuck' attitude just reflects how stupid and insecure you truly are.


    Walk away, bitch

    Boss Quotes

    don't think that i'm a bitch. the only reason why my attitude is like this because you pushed me to the edge.

    That's an attitude I can get behind!

    The difference between a bitch and a ho: A bitch has attitude. A ho has attitude and a way to make money off it.

    Bitch, you better rewind your attitude before I fast forward your ass whooping.

    I love bad bitches

    So I was walking at school and some guy tried to cut in front of me. I wouldn't let him so he called me a bitch. The look on his face when I turned around and stood right in front of him was priceless. You basically just admitted you're a pussy to me and your friends because you're afraid of this "bitch" haha


    You have something to say about me? Oh, please be a 'bad bitch' and write a status about it on Facebook.

    bitches be like...shine bright like a diamond- ew LOL