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  • andyinmco

    My New Year's resolution is to stop biting my tongue & remove most filters in fear of "offending" others. This world is filled with diverse people with different ideas & opinions that are different from one another, each one has the right to express themselves verbally & visually WITHIN THE LAW. I'm done with being a wallflower (even though over the last year I've been sneaking out of that).

  • Mandy Wurtz

    Happy 2013!

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Aquarius ♒. Kick ass we damn sure do not kiss it..

bitch (noun) - any girl who is skinnier or prettier than you.

And thats just how I roll...=). You do understand this shit makes me laugh right? At you. Muahahhaha!!!

I enjoy passing on wonderful all my bitches!!!

Walk away, bitch..yup just walk away :)

Im sure my staff feel this way about me

The difference between a bitch and a ho: A bitch has attitude. A ho has attitude and a way to make money off it.