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For those who missed it here is what you missed.

1969 - Woodstock Festival

A few Woodstock 1969 fans attempt to gain a better vantage point on scaffolding above the sea of the crowd

Festival Woodstock '69, todo y algo de lo que no encontras.. - Taringa!

Woodstock 1969, todo lo que quieras saber y escuchar, +yapa

Today is the 42 anniversary of Woodstock. Woodstock was a huge event in 1969 where a bunch of sweaty, dirty hippies gathered together in a field drop acid and play in the mud.

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Hippies were teenagers and young adults during the and early who were in favor of peace and a loving attitude toward all mankind and against war and violence. ~ It's I'm 54 years old.and Love & peace are my thing ~ I'm a hippie chick!