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  • Deborah Hoyle

    Teaching Theme- Great free posters for teachers, videos and ideas on site

  • Alicia Watkins

    I Teach. What's your super power?: Teaching Theme using inspiring billboards.- LOVE this idea!

  • PositiveWords

    inspirational quotes I Teach. What's your super power?: Teaching Theme using inspiring billboards. #quotes ‪

  • Trudy Bondesen

    Great visual and conversation starter for growth mindset

  • Donna Hogan Whitfield

    Real Life ideas for teaching theme

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Great idea for teaching theme....Love it.....You have to really try for SUCCESS!!

Teaching Theme - Great idea! Post #1 on theme

Theme Organizer - I like this. Theme is difficult to teach and this gives a list of common themes taught in stories; possibly use for readers response?

Teaching Theme THEME = THE MEssage Hang these up in the classroom and have book covers for the read alouds. Have students vote on the theme and explain why. Whichever one gets the most votes is where the book cover goes.

Teaching and reinforcing theme in literature is easy with this poster set! The set has 2 chevron poster sets: one with a chalkboard frame and the other with a white frame (for less ink usage). Each set has posters for the following themes: Friendship Responsibility Courage Perseverance Kindness Acceptance Cooperation Honesty Easy to print and display!

GREAT WAY TO TEACH THEME! Think that it is cool how they were able to make it interesting for teenagers.

It's one thing to teach concepts like characters, setting, and plot. Most kids get these without too much trouble, but...

Free on TPT- So, what are some common themes that are found in literature? I am offering a more complex list of common themes found in literature, from young adult literature through the classics, as well as a few graphic organizers, and a PDF version of a SmartBoard lesson.

Teaching theme by using theme songs from TV shows