Create faux rolled hems - no serger required! Works with any sewing machine.

Shortcut Ruffling Technique and Faux Rolled Hem Method

How To Create A Faux Rolled Hem . create faux rolled hems - no serger required . using a Satinedge Foot made by Creative Feet .

A Fashionable Stitch - great site with tons of sew-alongs, tutorials and tips!

Sewing School tips and tricks for sewing a perfect stitch by Sunni, from Fashionables Stitch

Det här är inte så svårt man kan tro. Markera på tyget tydligt sen är det bara sätta igång och sy för hand. Riktigt roligt faktiskt och visst blir det fint.

Easy, Delicious Meat and Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

EL LINK NO FUNCIONA... SOLO COMO IDEA !!!! flounce (and billions of other tutorials at 365 sewing)

Harold Mendez – Magnus Monfeldt

flounce (and billions of other tutorials at 365 sewing) the illustration of how different shapes fall

Great ideas on this site!  Definitely going to get my FQ's used up now:)

Fat Quarter Fun: 40 Project Ideas Love the idea of the quilted pillow. Would be a perfect idea for holiday fabric and to practice my sewing!

ruffled pillow - Seriously so easy! Need to make...would look so cute with the pink DIY lampshade I pinned. ;)

ruffled pillow - Seriously so easy! Need to make when I get a sewing machine.and I will get a sewing machine =)

DIY Sewing Alterations: How to shorten jeans or pants and still keep the original hem tutorial!

Alteration: My new favorite way to keep original hem on jeans

hem jeans and still keep original hem! This works great! Plus, lots of other great redo sewing ideas with lots of pics.I may need to do this one day, plus I can get the sale jeans then and just hem them to fit me at a great price.

sewing tutorial list stitch-reverse-stitch

sewing tutorial list - HUGE list of links to every sewing project you can think of!

Drafting Better.  Full series on pattern drafting basic slopers for bodice, sleeves, necklines, facings, darts, princess seams etc.  And how to use your basic slopers with commerical patterns.  MUST see series.

(By ikatbag!) A series of posts to drafting your own patterns. Plus a link to a post on how to estimate yardage for your own patterns.