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sharing a little food knowledge today via Robyn O'Brien

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Urgent alert: Help stop the evil GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) from outlawing all GMO labeling nationwide. This insidiously evil group is now attempting to violate your fundamental human rights and force us all to unknowingly eat more GMO poison. Spread the word.

So true! Do you do the junk food purge in your kitchen? #eatclean #curiosity

Be aware of the Monsanto ads that are promoted here on Pinterest! Say no to Monsanto! Say no to the monopolizing of crops! This is a very ugly corporation.

Recently I learned about “Prius repellent” — a tricked-out truck takes deep swigs of diesel and spews black smog all over a tailing vehicle, preferably a hybrid. These ominous clouds signal that, in...

This a great book to help you understand how the oil/gas/coal interests are paying millions of dollars to conservative "stink" tanks to argue against logic and science.

Buy Local! Get to know your organic farmer! "Natural Cures Not Medicine: The Sad Truth About GMO Foods"

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