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Chinese pianist Yundi Li. In October 2000, at the urging of the Chinese Culture Ministry, Li participated in the 14th International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. He was the first participant to be awarded First Prize in 15 years. At 18 years of age, he was the youngest winner—and the first Chinese—in the competition's history. Li was given the "Polonaise award" by the Chopin Society for his performance at the competition.


An entry from le coeur est un muscle involontaire

The youngest girl in the Romanov family, she enjoyed climbing trees and was said to have quite an "impudent" nature.

Russian Princess Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Signed Photograph 1914 for sale

analamasblog: Eta Carinae & Carina NebulaThe Carina Nebula (also known as the Great Nebula in Carina, the Eta Carinae Nebula, NGC 3372, as well as the Grand Nebula) is a large bright nebula that has within its boundaries several related open clusters of stars. It contains the two large OB associations Carina OB1 and Carina OB2. Carina OB1 contains the two star clusters Trumpler 14 and Trumpler 16. Trumpler 14 is one of the youngest known star clusters, at half a million years old. ...

Two younger daughters of Nikolay II, Maria and Anastasia, were called by their parents as 'The Little Pair';Anastasia played a leading role in it. After Anastasia began to put on weight the girls became very similar, but Anastasia was agile and mobile. Together with her brother Alexey Anastasia got hemophilia from her mother together with the illness of bones. Anna Anderson suffered from both these deceases and used this fact as a proof she was Anastasia.

Czar Nicholas II with his 2 youngest children, Czarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Anastasia. That looks like Joy the Spaniel in the cart with Alexei.