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Don't know if this was used as a barn, but think it's fabulous!

Agriculture has been around for centuries - it is ingrained in our human roots. As a result of that, we are beginning to see environmental issues increase, including climate change. Meat production especially releases green house gases in to the atmosphere and clear the trees that manage the gases for more space, pushing up the natural temperature of the earth.

Advertising on barns is one good way to make use of no-longer used barns. It's sad to see more and more barns in decay, or simply gone. I feel like these old barns are part of my personal history, as I grew up on a farm and continue to live on one today.

week in wildlife: A bee flies near poppies that are blooming in a field

Fluffy springtime friends!

Dairy farms : we didn't have mountains, but this looks remarkably similar to the one I grew up on, in NC. Priceless.

covered barn, I should do this with my barn that looks much like this, right out my back door!

Grandpa's barn and the milking parlor