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While it's a bit hi-tech, this is a great representation of how many of the floating isles of Aerylonne are developed Jake: I like the idea of blocky houses and buildings clustered together looks really nice

End of champion

I head down to second street but first I grab an ax, some knives, a small pack with some food, water and bandages

https://www.facebook.com/nuclear.snail  Post Apocalyptic Fashion

Post-Apocalyptic photo shoot: Nuclear Snail Studios does truly amazing post-apocalyptic work featuring the lovely Hello Chrissy.

Ambientación asentamiento

Rivet City concept art from Fallout I didn't care for the game much but I love the concept of a city in a washed-up aircraft carrier.

ROBOTA: Vengeance - Kantur City

Sci-fi Kaantur’s City, art by Doug Chiang. So Doug has worked for Industrial Light and Magic on Star Wars episodes 1 and 2 among numerous other films.

Life After the Apocalypse (2) by Vladimir Manyuhin

Life After the Apocalypse – matte paintings

For his Life After the Apocalypse series, Russian artist Vladimir Manyuhin starts with real photographs, adding digital decay and overgrowth to create an eerily realistic sense of how the world might look long after most humans are gone.


Very much The Woodman, when Kufuo enters the city in search of his roots. Post Apocalypse London by ~JordyLakiere on deviantART