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Stalkers are ferried by swimming through the swamp . Art of by Alexander Rudenko


Gas Masks, Post Apocalyptic, Heartbeat, Roman



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Rose Jack 24 Inch / Art Poster / The Most Eiting Game Poster Stalker Clear Sky Game Games

Ambush #S.T.A.L.K.E.R. #post-apocalypse

"Ten rubles you can't guess what I found!" "Another dead guy now stop poking it and let's go shoot stuff"

Post - Apo Look: Photo

I thought that maybe it might be of some value to share some prepping lessons that I have learned in my personal preparedness journey that hits 10 years old this year.


R honestly this needs revisiting or remastering or something it's just too good to let get old.

Works by neisbeis

My wife told me I should do a special steampunk post and some of you thought that was a great idea and so I’ve complied. Instead of my normal focus on one artist, today’s collection features a variety of artists.