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Mommy & Me Yoga with Sinda -I'm a little teapot in Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose helps improve strength, stability and balance. Sharing yoga and bonding with baby for Mommy & Me Yoga with Sinda!

Warrior 1 Pose strengthens legs and opens the chest and shoulders. It’s also good for opening up the bladder, giving rise to the Bladder-Control Gone Pose. Because these days sneezing, coughing, laughing and running are all guaranteed ways to wind up with wet pants.

A humorous look at life with adult kids, chronic illness and too damn many pets from author Chris Dean

Kegels aren't the only way to fight incontinence issues. Here's how to strengthen your pelvic floor.

The new kegel: Why you need to strengthen your pelvic floor

6 exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor * as we get older that bladder tends to become a weaker old thing too.tightening the pelvic floor can help reduce the sneezey-leaks! arthritis and knee replacements eliminate one for me!

Babywearing yoga

Babywearing Fitness: Give and receive the gift of movement

Build Up Your Core and Confidence — The "L" Handstand

The Ultimate Arm and Ab Exercise

Build Up Your Core and Confidence — The L Handstand.Dance Tricks Exercise & prep for handstand into forward roll