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Nobody acknowledged her presence, and it wasn't until she had started to leave, that people would instantly wonder, why it became so much harder to breathe.

Her touch was light as a feather's, And it wasn't until she had started to leave, That people would instantly wonder, Why it became so much harder to breathe.

I like a big white page with just words on it - so we are forced to read the words. They become the art.

This quote describes me so well that I was very moved by it.freedom of thought, freedom of time. I do not require much nor do I want much.

I READ SOMEWHERE... #Love #Quotes  ::)

--how do you expect my heart to beat when yours no longer does?y that is just pure poetry right there

You remember when I've said that I'm scared we might not end up together..? It's never been because you fall out of love with me.. but because the world pushes us apart..I could never truly doubt your love and mean it sincerely.. "With all we've had to go through, we'll end up twice as strong.." There are just some days, you know.. where I see us still madly in love with each other.. but kept apart for all our lives.. submerging ourselves in other things to try to forget.. but how could…

take every piece of me and remake me shape me anew i am forever altered by every breath you take

Don't be idiot and let them go

Finding the one who sees who we are and who we want to be and is willing to help us close the gap.