Kue Lumpur Pandan (Mud Cake) - Indonesian traditional cake, made by rice flour and pandan leaf

INDONESIAN FOOD - Kue Lumpur (Mud Cakes)

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Indonesian Food - Putu Ayu Indonesian traditional food made of flour, it is sweet and has fragrant smell of pandan aroma. The green color comes from pandan leaf extract, or natural green pigment from suji leaf

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Kue pukis. Indonesian traditional cake with santan and many great toppings, such as the chocolate one pictured here.

Nagasari is a traditional steamed cake made from rice flour, coconut milk and sugar, filled with slices of banana. It is usually wrapped in banana leaves before being steamed, or prepared with pandan that gives it aroma. It is commonly eaten as a snack in Indonesia where it is also known as kue bandang-bandang by Bugis people. Sometimes it is simply called as kue pisang (banana cake).

KUE APE PANDAN Sajian Sedap Asian Indonesian food cuisine

Bika Ambon is a kind of cake from Indonesia. Made from ingredients such as tapioca and sago flour, eggs, sugar and coconut milk, Bika Ambon generally sold in pandan flavour, although now available also other flavors like banana, durian, cheese, chocolate.

INDONESIAN FOOD - Lemper Ayam (Chicken wrapped in sticky rice)

Coconut Pandan Crepes

Curry Puffs! I miss my grandfather making these for me as a child.

Chinese egg cake--this sponge cake will just melt in your mouth. 156 calories per muffin when 6 are made.

kue putu

The Juicy Lucy Burger with melted cheese oozing from the center of the patty. Recipe from White On Rice Couple

Chinese Fried Rice Recipe with Chicken with Shrimp - Easy, breezy recipe that guarantees the best tasting fried rice EVER. Learn the secret techniques and ingredients used.

tofu satay, garlic rice, and vegan peanut sauce...must try

ginger and turmeric aromatic rice.

South Indian Coconut Rice

Japanese traditional sweets typically served around winter/ new year season. Adzuki sweet bean sylup with sweet chestnuts, grilled and puffed up sticky rice cake are in a bowl. > Kitsch-en > flickr

An easy, authentic side dish that can be made ahead. This spinach is flavored with soy and sesame seeds for a great vegetable over rice.