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Landscape of the past lives, present and future road, scenic fascination with past lives present and the road is also a kind of fate ... - Photo / cherry

Pink Tree. Examples of Infrared Photography. Photographer not known.

The changing of the season lets nature flaunt its beauty. This is what a tree will look like in heaven..all the colors on one tree

Yellow Ginko Tree Leaves in Washington DC by Paul Frederiksen #yellow #leaves #scenic #washington #DC

Red also was used to show passion. Red in the novel was used to show how passionately Marco and Celia were for each other and the play. It was very contrary to the typical color scheme of the circus which was black and white. | See more about red leaves, color red and autumn leaves.

I think this picture relates to retreating to nature in the way that we have an open mind and an open road to travel on when we are out in nature thinking about everything. The road symbolizes the amazing life we have ahead of us.