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We added a bit of character on the back wall of the shed with this green-painted glass window. The sun garden was just getting going in early spring.

Cottage garden complete with little black cat. I love the look, but my attempts at cottage gardening always looks like a hot mess.

How to make a Primitive tipsy pot planter | DIY Upcyle / In The Garden by Endless Acres Farmtiques

This is 2013 landscaping done on west side and southwest corner of backyard shed. Beneath the mulch are layers of newspapers. The newspapers offer a very effective and inexpensive alternative to landscape fabric: no weeds or grass growing through the mulch. The various containers are also easy enough to move, so changing the general appearance does not require any digging or replanting. In 2014, similar landscaping will be done on other sides of the shed. (Richard S. Buse photo)

If you’ve got a garage, shed, or even a house with bare ground nearby, you may be missing an opportunity. Structures create an instant backdrop, breaking the line of sight so that the eye concentrates on the garden, not something in the distance. They also provide a microclimate: deflecting wind and providing a few hours of shade, depending on their orientation. Here are 4 different ideas for filling that empty space.

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