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Snowman Carved Ornament

Hand Carved ornament of a snowman. 2 wide by 3 tall. Wood burned details, painted with acrylic paint and finished with varnish. Carving may vary a bit from the picture since each one is made by hand. Pine tree sold in a separate listing.

In actual laboratory experiments monkeys were forced to choose between electro-shocking other monkeys and doing without food themselves. Almost all of the monkeys went hungry for up to two weeks rather than shock others. These macaques, who have never gone to Sunday school, never heard of the Ten Commandments, never squirmed through a single junior high school civics lessons , seem courageous in their moral grounding and their resistance to evil. Why are humans so hateful?

A circus is a horrible place for an animal. They deserve more than that. Google treatment of circus animals. Boycot Circus

Elephants in Africa are being killed in record numbers to help feed the global demand for ivory in the underground market. While poachers have traditionally been a problem in the region, now government military groups are also killing the animals. Urge the Garamba National Park and others to increase security to protect these elephants.