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indiaincredible: “ “ Women of the Rabari tribe in Rajasthan, India, posing in traditional finery for a photograph by Jimmy Nelson ” ”

People of Ethiopia

Three decorated Afar women from Tajourah. Somalia by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher ~ African Ark: Peoples of the Horn, 1990

Avar woman (Caucasus), wedding traditional costume

Avar woman (Caucasus), old wedding traditional costume. Ethnic groups living in the Russian republic of Dagestan, village Rugudja, tribal caucasian rug, silver jewelry.

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Dinka Herders in Beaded Corsets, South Sudan by Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher - African Ceremonies on photokunst


African girl from Teniri Festival, Ghadames in her traditional Libyan costume with silver coins headdress.

India | " Kutch, Gujarat" | ©Nirmal Masurekar

Semi-nomads in the Thar Desert in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Rabari are a tribe of about 400 000 people.