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Hands Down Game

Hands Down! This was one of the top ten games we would play!

omg i had so many of these! what are they!?

Please tell me someone remembers these plastic charm necklaces from the The ice cream man used to sell charms!

big mouth singers

big mouth singers - maybe the earliest toy that I remember playing with.

70's mushrooms - Google Search

Wish we could live in the time where peace, love, pot, and rock n roll were the only things people worried about.

Bozo The Clown 46-Inch Bop Bag

Toys For Autism Spectrum Disorder at Totally Kids fun furniture & toys

Polly Pocket. Greatest 90's toy ever!!  And I actually had this exact one :)

Blast from the Past: Toys.

Hahaha I loved this toy growing up! Polly Pockets are now full sized dolls. How is that supposed to fit in your pocket? I am disappointed with polly pockets now. This was my all time fav toy

The Spirograph

Spirograph - this was sooooo much fun! My brother and I often fought over the one at home, and just imagine trying to play it at our grandmother's with 4 cousins wanting to play, too!

that's the way it was, no privacy here - we also had a party line -so really no privacy!

The Trapeze and the Catwalk: Welcome to the Gym

with the mile long curly cord! One on our kitchen wall. I used to take the phone with long cord, wrap around the wall and sit on the floor on the other side to talk 'in private'!