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I swear Im not watching porn ;)

i have to say this to anyone who walks through the living room while im watching true blood.SO true!Said the very thing last night


Shut up True Blood fandom. We get 3 episode for season Sincerely, you know who we are.

It's just that when I'm watching 'TrueBlood' lately, a lot of the time I'm thinking, 'Blah, blah, blah, just show me more Eric Northman....'

This was exactly my thought the last few episodes of this season of True Blood when things were so bad with everyone! Hits the nail on the head.

" True Blood "

" True Blood "

True Blood quote

Funny TV Ecard: Mommy what is True Blood? Well son it is a show that has your future daddy Eric on it!

Funny True Blood Picture

Not a true blood fan, well watcher, but I like the vamp/werewolf stuff. So this is funny to me!