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Give each student a sheet of paper with every classmate's name on it. They had to write a nice sentence about everyone in the class. Then each student has 20+ nice things written about him or her. This activity was great because some of the students in my class don't hear about how great they are at home. Keep them in a frame to preserve them. The kids will love hearing about how great they are from classmates.

Sit girl on chair in front of white board and have others write a positive phrase about them, then take a picture. Don't let them see it...till they get the photo!

Love this bulletin board or wall art idea about being yourself. I did it in my office and I get a lot of good feedback.


First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Get to know you activity

-have classmates tell positive adjectives for each child. good self-esteem booster! -adjetivos positivos y descripción sertiva de un compañero. -adjectives posiiitives et description assertive d'un camarade

Milk and Cookiesfrom Milk and Cookies

Inside My Head

I remember doing this when I was a kid! First hang up a white sheet of paper on the wall. put a flashlight on a shelf, table or another kind of stand. then trace your child's profile onto the white sheet of paper. cute it put carefully and glue it to a piece of construction paper. Collect old magazines and newspapers and have your child cut out and glue things they love!