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He really just likes to liven things up at school -- and he's always had plenty of great ideas. When Nick learns some interesting information about how words are created, suddenly he's got the inspiration for his best plan ever...the frindle. Who says a pen has to be called a pen? Why not call it a frindle? Things begin innocently enough as Nick gets his friends to use the new word.

Andrew Clements is a popular author. He writes about things that happen at school. Did you ever wonder how certain things get the name they have. That is the plot of Frindle

The Landry News, Andrew Clements -- Fifth-grader Cara Landry has not had a smooth school experience since her parents divorced, and now she has the worst teacher in school. When she publishes her own newspaper, The Landry News, and editorializes on the absence of teaching in her classroom, her days of anonymity are over.

Things Not Seen, Andrew Clements -- When fifteen-year-old Bobby wakes up and finds himself invisible, he and his parents and his new blind friend Alicia try to find out what caused his condition and how to reverse it.