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i missed this thread from another place, so i put it up here. makes me feel at home. sort of. or maybe just wistful and sad. we\'ll see. it\'s for spam and chat and pictures and videos and whatever

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'Just what the world needs' is what I was told by my boss the day I turned up with newly bleached locks.. This is a collection of thoughts, lyrics and images that tickle my fancy. I do not have copyright to most things I post.

Stop Exercise Make Muscles Changed So Fat You may have heard of people or the media out there that says that the muscle will turn to fat if you stop the exercise. Or even reverse, the fat will turn into muscle if diligent practice. Is this correct?

Likes, Comments - The Official Gym Memes Page (@gymmemesofficial) on Instagram: “This. 👌🏼 @doyoueven 💯”

Sculpture I like the slupture because it shows that nothing worth having comes easy and that's one of my favorite saying. I also like the proportions. It makes me wonder if it could still stand if the head and stomach were bigger and the legs thinner.

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