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If you've ran races before, but haven't taken part in a triathlon, how is your running pace going to be affected? Have a look below for some great advice!

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10 Tips to Relieve Hamstring Tightness

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The Runner’s Muscle Imbalances Fix Routine - 8 Moves

Running is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that there is. It’s a fast way to shed those extra pounds for good and help you tone your body—especially your legs. Nevertheless, if you don’t balance your running with the right cross training strength program, you will, over time, develop muscle imbalances, which can compromise your performance and lead to pain and injury. So do you think that you have any muscle imbalances? Spoiler’s alerts: of course—especially if you are a runner…

Kirsten Sass, the 2014 USAT Amateur Athlete of the Year, shares her typical training week and her favorite swim, bike and run workouts.


Jay Johnson Solves 17 of the Most Common Running Problems

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The One Big Mistake Most Runners Make

Long before I became a certified running coach I talked about slowing down runs, especially our long runs. After learning more about running, and reading 80/20 Running, I’m a very firm believer in slowing things down in order to be a faster runner. I’m evening planning on applying the 80/20 methodology into my 12 week …