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  • Yukti Lallbeeharry ♡

    How to deep treat chapped lips get all the dead skin off. #lips with lip #balm

  • Angie Knutson

    DIY lip smoothie - dry lips treatment

  • Brittney Hargraves

    Put lip balm on a bristled brush (toothbrush or disposable mascara brush) and apply a generous amount of balm to the bristles. Then brush your lips in small circles like your teeth to gently remove dead skin. Then use a tissue on your finger to remove any dead skin remaining and residue and TAH DAH! Soft, smooth lips!

  • Alice Weaver

    Chapped Lips. Um hello, where has this been all my life? Dry + cracked lips ruin how lipstick looks. And because of recycled air, flying, dehydration and just life, unfortunately all of us are victims! So I’m sharing exactly what I have my clients do before I apply their makeup. All you need is a disposable mascara wand (or toothbrush if you don’t have one), lip balm (I use this one for severe cases and this one for a healthy vitality) and a tissue. 1. Dip the wand into the balm to pick up a decent amount onto the bristles then apply it directly on your lips (I have them start with their bottom lip). 2. Scrub back and forth, up and down and in small circular motions in the same fashion you would brush your teeth. Really work on the flaky areas until the loose skin gently breaks off. 3. Wrap a tissue around your finger and remove any flaky residue. That’s it! If you want to stay on top of it and keep your lips polished and crack-free all year round, every time you brush your teeth, before you’re done, brush your lips with your toothbrush as well.

  • Sue Humphries

    DIY: Lip Smoothie Dry & cracked lips ruin how lipstick looks, but do this before applying makeup. You need a disposable mascara wand (or toothbrush), lip balm and a tissue. Dip the wand into the balm to pick up a decent amount, then apply it to lips. Scrub back & forth, up and dow and circular motions, working on the flaky areas until loose skin gently breaks off. Wrap a tissue around your finger and remove any flaky residue. If you brush your teeth, then brush your lips before you're done too.

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