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Power-Full Photo & Words: "Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore ... " Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven

The Morrighan. Also known as the Morrigu, the shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate and Death. She also presided over rivers, lakes, fresh water, in addition to being the patroness of revenge, night, magic, prophecy, priestesses and witches. Her name is interpreted in various forms..."Great Queen," "Phantom Queen" or "Queen of Demons." She was said to hover over battlefields in the form of a raven or hooded crow and frequently foretold or influenced the outcome of the fray.

Crows Ravens: #Raven.

COMMON RAVEN - Original Hand-Pulled Linocut Illustration by Anna See

Woman with Raven by Pablo Picasso

"This is an antique Victorian taxidermy of a raven portrayed as a priest. The bird is circa 1900 and has been fitted with horn rim glasses, a white cross, hands, a bible and a typical minister's hat. It is 17 inches tall." www.quintessentia...



Generations - Celtic Raven Triple Goddess by Stephanie Lostimolo

I adore this image. The magical black bird is one of my most powerful animal guides and the yin/yang or light/dark of life, as shown in this image, are so deeply intertwined - it is life, it is wholeness. One of life's ultimate journeys is to courageously navigate the dark and the light alike. This image reminds me that it is safe and welcome to feel it all. *♥* -Ro M. (art: Ravens Reflection by Cathy Mclelland)


#Raven in moonlight..../#moon

Raven Spirit

I do have a slight obsession with ravens / crows / blackbirds


Lucy Newton; Watercolor, Painting "Raven"

Naga - an ancient race of semi divine serpent creatures beings first depicted in ancient Vedic Hindu mythology and oral folklore from at least 5000 B.C. They are extremely gifted shape-shifter, able to assume any shape they desire


Asian art just-art: “ Samurai: Artworks by Jungshan. Rola Chang, aka Jung Shan