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  • Lindsey

    he says “I don’t remember that incident and I’ll tell you I certainly don’t believe that I, I can’t speak for other people of course, thought the fellow was homosexual,"

  • Judy Healey Bakker

    .Most who took part have horrible memories of the incident and wanted to rid their conscience of the guilt. But not Romney. He doesn't even recall the incident. A classic psychopath.

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Evolution v. Creation across the world Science rules! (Except in Turkey and the US, of course.)

Lilly Ledbetter is the latest Democrat to share her reason for being a Democrat. Her answer? "Equal pay for equal work."

When he finally does give us his opinion, Romney is astoundingly snobbish, nasty and divisive.

It’s almost 2014 and some people have to deal with this everyday...

WHY do people stop being important after they are born?!?! You are a hypocrite if you judge someone who was raped for having an abortion when you don't care enough to adopt that baby.

  • Violetta Jonquille

    If you eat meat you are not pro-life either - life means that LIFE

  • Childfree Sista

    Sofia I don't remember asking your opinion.

  • Childfree Sista

    Sofia I don't remember asking your opinion.

  • Childfree Sista

    Sofia I don't remember asking your opinion.

  • Ilana Stern

    If I held a baby in one hand an a petri-dish with an embryo in it one hand, and I had to drop one. Which one would you choose. The baby. They are not the same. Point made

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Just saying...isn't it "funny" that most who say that OTHERS are not tolerant are even MORE INTOLERANT???

"THOSE WHO CAN MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN ABSURDITIES, CAN MAKE YOU COMMIT ATROCITIES." Sheep follow blindly...just don't be one of the sheep. It really is that simple. So goes our low information voters in America...

The complete list of all who voted against VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act. We will remember!

I still just cannot believe that they actually reduced vet pensions! - Kiera for We Leave No One Behind

At one point Reagan taxed the rich at 70% but then lowered it to 50%. Nixon taxed the rich at 70%. Eisenhower, 91%! RIght now we tax the rich at 16%, the lowest the rich have paid since 1925! And Obama wants to make the rich pay...get ready for this....39%!!!!! I don't think Obama is being unreasonable and I'm not really concerned about the top 1% not being able to buy that extra jet.

Percentage of income donated to charity in 2011 - Remember that Romney's annual income is 21.7 million and he pays 14% in taxes whereas Obama's annual income is 1.8 million and he pays 25% in taxes.