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When Pirates Get A CT Scan

you don't actually wet yourself, but it sure as hell feels like you did!!! lol so accurate!

Volume Rendering CT Scans. It's pathetic how much I love this stuff

"OK, Mrs. Dunn. We'll slide you in there, scan your brain, and see if we can find out why you've been having these spells of claustrophobia."

3D CT scan reconstruction of depressed skull fracture (

This patient was shot in the upper arm with the shot causing a comminuted fracture of the shaft of the right humerus.

CT scan reconstruction: hockey puck + skull = Ouch.

Xray humor, radiology humor. Yup, it always points to the side that hurts, lol.

Yowza! This person is in a lot of pain!

Funny side up - skull egg fryer

My classmate asked