Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas >> sent 12/11/12 >> The Reindeer Game! Play to Win up to 30% off... >> leveraged the success of a Halloween Jack-o-lantern game email by reskinning it with delightful reindeer for the holiday season. That’s a smart way of extending your winning campaigns. —Susan Prater, Senior Marketing Consultant, ExactTarget

Lands’ End >> sent 12/25/12 >> Merry Christmas >> I love this Christmas send. The design is beautiful and striking, the copy simple and impactful, and the secondary messaging is a nice, engaging social call-to-action. —Susan Prater, Senior Marketing Consultant, ExactTarget

Norm Thompson >> sent 12/11/12, 12/9/11, 12/7/10, 12/16/09, 12/8/08 and 12/10/07 >> These emails from Norm Thompson best exemplify what having your own personal swipe file is all about. They identified a top-performing email years ago and have brought it back year after year with incremental improvements. –Chad White, Principal of Marketing Research

Nordstrom >> sent 12/11/12 >> Gift Giving Made Easy: From Nordstrom with Love‏ >> Your email subscribers are among your most loyal customers and some of them don’t have to be convinced to buy gifts from you. So don’t neglect service information. Nordstrom dedicates this entire email to it. —Chad White, Principal of Marketing Research, ExactTarget

Uncommon Goods >> sent 12/1/12 >> Gifts that Stack Up >> There are so many things I enjoy about this email. The animated holiday lights at the top are a delight in the preview pane – super playful, yet subtle. Slightly lower in the email, the gift tree is helpful and eye-catching with category links for different personalities and family members. All of that plus the variety of textures and shapes make this one of my favorite holiday emails from 2012. —Anna Meier, Design Consultant…

Tiffany & Co. >> sent 12/13/12 >> Drop A Hint (or Two) >> Forward-to-a-friend (FTAF) has been largely supplanted by share-with-your-network (SWYN), but Tiffany’s “Drop A Hint” feature gives it new life. The preview of this fun, well-branded message shows you exactly how the information you provide will be used. –Amanda Monroe, Design Consultant, ExactTarget

Pizza Express >> sent 2/6/12 >> Win your Valentine's Heart >> Images-on or images-off? The great enticing imagery or the pixelated pizza guy and cupcake that looks like an homage to 8-bit video games….It's debatable which version of this email is more compelling. The Facebook quiz tie-in is nice too. —Abul Kashim Siddique, Senior Design Consultant, UK, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud