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Kusatsu (Gunma): You can see "Yumomi (湯もみ)" which is a traditional method of cooling down hot spring water.

Kusatsu Onsen #japan #gunma In Japan you wash & rinse outside the tub. Everyone uses the same tub water for soaking only. Onsens are places to enjoy hot springs at inns, hotels & ryokans (Japanese traditional inns). Rotenburo are outside hot springs where nature can be enjoyed. Sentos are public bath houses found in residential neighboods. Ofuro is the bath in the home.

For a traveller there could hardly be a more Japanese combination: the ryokan (traditional inn) and the onsen (hot spring bath). In a ryokan, traditional Japanese architecture is complemented by a Japanese garden, but it’s the onsen ryokan, with access to natural hot spring pools, that offers the last word in relaxation. www.lonelyplanet....