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[SET OF GIFS] 8x12 Time After Time

I love this episode! Dean and Sam go back in time and meet their parents...

"I have been connected to Supernatural in one way or another for a long time. At the request of Richard Speight, Jr., who I’ve known since college, I’ve crashed several of their conventions over the years." -Timothy Omundson

Osric Chau on

just a random day in lives of Osric and Misha ;)

Supernatural on

SUPERNATURAL - Mystery Spot; (Like Groundhog Day) Sam kept waking up & Everyday Dean would Die. He lived the Same Day over & over w/Dean Dying differently each Day! "Heat of the Moment" kept playing on the Radio!

Supernatural on

Crowley always has a way with words.

Chay Chee on

Castiel, Dean, and Sam

Tori Lynn on


Jensen Ackles