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"...and on Thursdays, we're teddy bear doctors."

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

That moment when that's an actual quote.<----Yeah, but there was great need for a Teddy Bear doctor. That bear was messed up.

Jenson's face at the when he realized "holy crap, Jared's about to fall on me. He's like twice my weight, I'm so screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

One of my favorite episodes because of this scene-- Community Post: How You Know You're A "Supernatural" Fan

Supernatural Season 1 BRCover - Copy

Season 1

all the supernatural seasons on bluray UPDATE: collection started with christmas gift - season 1 acquired, 10 to go

Supernatural Transformation From The First Season To The Eighth one - This hurts me on a spiritual level!

I've only been watching for a few months, but these guys are my inspiration. they've taught me all sorts of things. it makes me happy to know that they accomplish so much. I love them. I hope I can meet them soon

Don't forget about Jim. Raising a daughter (who has autism) as a single dad after the love of his life died of cancer when their daughter was just a baby. That's some perseverance. The only thing the fandom loves more than spn is the actors for spn

So I learned about this thing called ASMR,  Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's more easily described as "sounds that feel good" or like a massage via audio?... hard to describe but it's like the feeling when somebody plays with your hair or whispers in your ear. But it's so interesting and soothing I recommend a whirl for anyone having trouble sleeping! Here are my faves  "Yer a wizard"  by Heather Feather <a class="youtube-link" href="https://www.y...

The cast of supernatural dressed as each other's characters

Funny pictures about Supernatural Cast On Halloween. Oh, and cool pics about Supernatural Cast On Halloween. Also, Supernatural Cast On Halloween photos.