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Hoy hace exactamente un siglo que el águila en nuestro escudo nacional se paró en la pata izquierda y no volvió a dejarse ver de frente

Hoy hace exactamente un siglo que el águila en nuestro escudo nacional se paró en la pata izquierda y no volvió a dejarse ver de frente

The Eagles broke their "no former members" policy for a single night when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. For the only time in history, all seven Eagles took the stage. "We said, 'We used to do this with four people, so surely we can do this with seven,'" says founding guitarist Bernie Leadon. "It just meant that someone was doubling someone else's part."

Flashback: Eagles Reunite at Hall of Fame

Eagles - Hotel California Live at 1998 Hall of Fame Induction My late hubby of 25 wonderful years favorite song.

Primus pilus defending the eagle, Teutoburg Forest 9 AD

Primus pilus (c Captain) defending the eagle, Teutoburg Forest, 9 AD. The last Stand of the XVII XVIII XIX Legions. Their numbers were struck from the Battle Roll and NEVER used again for over 600 years of the Roman/Holy Roman Empire

I cannot believe I had not seen this movie until last night.  For a older war movie it was really good.  A WW2 movie where the Germans are not caricatures, but developed and interesting.  Great classic.

The Eagle Has Landed (1976)

Directed by John Sturges. With Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland, Robert Duvall, Jenny Agutter. A German plot to kidnap Winston Churchill unfolds at the height of World War II.

La historia de los Eagles: History of the Eagles Part One (2013) BRrip

History of the Eagles, OK this is a documentary and not a book. Even if you don't like the Eagles it's an interesting story. Glenn Frey and Don Henley are two of the biggest d-bags in rock.

Dick Winters and Easy Company (Band of Brothers) at the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's residence

History In Pictures on

Dick Winters and his Easy Company (Band of Brothers) lounging at Eagle's Nest, Hitler's former residence,

Buzz Aldrin. 1969 Eagle lunar lander made first touchdown on the moon. Photographer: Neil Armstrong.

100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time

The second man to walk on the moon, U. astronaut Buzz Aldrin, is being photographed by the first man on the surface, Neil Armstrong, during their Apollo 11 moon walk on July Image: US astronaut Buzz Aldrin (© Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

|eagles nation|

|eagles nation|

Young Abe the eagle • 101st Airborne Division's World War II mascot, Young Abe, Fort Bragg, N.C. Source: "The Epic of the 101st Airborne: A Pictorial Biography of the United States 101st Airborne Division compiled and arranged by the unit Public Relations Office, 1945."

WWII A member of the Airborne with their mascot, Young Abe, at Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC. My son was stationed here and also a part of the Airborn. Very nice seeing pictures of a era gone by but still connected to the present.


Imagenes Impresionantes del universo (HD) é Historia

The Eagle Nebula in Mapped Color H-alpha filter By Russell Croman

Depiction of Sergeant Charles Ewart capturing the eagle of the French 45e Régiment de Ligne (45th Regiment of the Line) at the Battle of Waterloo.

Royal North British Dragoons' Sergeant Charles Ewart seizes the Imperial Eagle of the French Regiment of the Line from a lancer during the Battle of Waterloo, 18 June Painted by Richard Ansell in