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    Even More Disney And "Avatar: The Last Airbender"/"The Legend of Korra" Crossover Art

    any hunger games and avatar fans should see this--Ok, so I think this--District 1- Mai and Jet(Marvel and Glimmer)--district 2-(Cato and Clove) Azula and Zuko-- District 4- Yue and Sokka- District 11- (Rue and Thresh) Toph and Haru--District 12- (Katniss and Peeta) Katara and Aang.

    Being The Leaf Art Print


    [PBT] Avatar: Light at the End of the Tunnel [HD]

    I got: Fire! Avatar: The Last Airbender - Your (Possible) Element

    Bender the Avatar - AirBender, EarthBender, WaterBender and FireBender - Bender (Futurama) Avatar - the Last Air Bender or Legend of Kora.

    Restore Balance by on @DeviantArt

    Pocket Full of Raava by on @DeviantArt

    The Southern Air Temple by on @DeviantArt

    Everything Changed When the Fire Nation Attack by on @DeviantArt

    100 Years by on @DeviantArt

    Sorry, but you’re not going to become Fire Lord today. One of the most epic battles ever! This one was so emotional because of how sad the music was. They could have done it by an epic battle for the alpha sibling with exciting music and victory, but the sad music. Aww, it just showed that this wasn't a battle that you would celebrate loosing, and I think that this idea is just SO powerful, and I almost always tear up a little when this comes up.


    modern Mako by blue-wave-789.tum...

    LoK: Republic City Noir by on @DeviantArt

    Rosison's Art Dump - Red Lotus Korra

    pretty much

    when avatars are sleep deprived they like to hide in bushes hahahahahahaha

    Nickelodeon Unveils New "Avatar" & "Legend Of Korra" Collectibles For SDCC

    adult Aang-revision by Sketchydeez on deviantART

    Our Hero

    MaKorra book 4