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Avatar The Last Airbender Resin PEWTER Rectangle by Keukasigns, $15.00

That awkward moment when you realize just how stupid some people are. Also one of my favorite scenes :D

I love this show.. but what the heck happened to Zuko's mom?!?! I'm such a dork but not knowing is so frustrating... -___-

You Guys Have No Sense of Humor- Avatar the last airbender

The Tunnel of Love reference in Pokemon... Just watched this episode of Avatar the Last Airbender last week

I'm currently watching The Last Airbender again... - Imgur

Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra are awesome series!

Quick, to the Appa-mobile if u get it, u get it.... If u dont, give up now and accept the fact that u didnt have a proper childhood

Instantly started tearing up when I saw this----It's so sad. To know that Mako died soon after he voiced this scene makes it even more sad... *sobs*

Check us out on Facebook / This was emailed to me and I think it speaks volumes.

Just watch it. Now. <--- I suppose the last one's a bit specific to have come up in random conversation, but still- point made!