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Gold Bar Doorstop

Something wicked this way comes as Two thirds of JPM’S gold Vanishes Massive 8 tons WITHDRAWAWN OVERNIGHT!:Also 30% OF CNT SILVER INVENTORIES WITHDRAWN FROM COMEX VAULTS IN 2 DAYS!! 04/26/13


How London’s GOLD & SILVER PRICE ‘Benchmarks’ are “FIXED”

by Jan Harvey and Veronica Brown, Reuters: European regulators including Germany's Bafin are looking more closely at how banks set benchmarks such as the twice-daily spot gold price fix after the Libor rigging scandal exposed widespread interest rate...


Gold And Silver – Chart Reading More Accurately Depicts Fundamentals/Technicals

by Michael Noonan, Edge Trader Plus: Is there a difference between fundamental analysis v technical analysis? A qualified yes. How so qualified? We do not speak for others, not even from the “technical” camp for there is a distinct difference between...


Gold Drives Silver Is Key To Where Silver Is Going

by Zeal, LLC, Gold Silver Worlds: Investors’ interest in silver is starting to rebound after last year’s carnage. As capital prepares to return to this beaten-down asset, many investors are wondering how to game silver price action. Gold is the key....