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I realized in that moment that I wanted to answer her questions. Not because I owed it to her. Not because I wanted her to trust me. I wanted her to know me. Edward Cullen [Midnight Sun]

Baseball Edward, twilight

carlisle cullen

Alice Cullen

Like mother like daughter, ♥

Love the lace detail of the wedding dress that bella wore in breaking dawn, its beautiful

Breaking Dawn. PART 2!!!

Twi Sterling Charms

TWI-HARD!!! the world can end in 2012 i swear - aint ntn to live for after that

No Nekkid Nails - My Twilight Themed Mani. So Twi-hard! :)

no, there could be more, and i would be happy!

can't wait!!

so sad.........

kind of bittersweet.......

yes, i am!

oh yes!!!!!