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Fantasy dagger. "Forged by David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge, Huandagnir (Elvish meaning “Bane of the Hound") is a short-sword dagger, an Elven blade of the darkwoods. Cold, keen, light and swift, a lively long-lived weapon, used by a young elf soldier who hunts the hounds that seek the blood of his people. A blade born in bravery, brought forth to bite and cleave the hide of any hellish Northern Hound that would dare show claw or tooth against the mighty Elven tribe that forged it."

Would you believe I left my ample supply of throwing daggers in my room?

The moon also rises ( Diana`s weapon ) by Zacko86 on deviantART

I think this sword is awesome

Fantastic.. | Photo by @natezemanphoto (© Nate Zeman) #Destination_wild

Sword of Heimdall - for the movie THOR 1

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From Don Fogg: Yakuza Bowie II - Based on stories of the Yakuza, this is a large blade 11.375" long to the tsuba and 17.25" overall with a width of 2.375" at its widest. It was forged from 1095 high carbon steel and features an exuberant hamon with lots of activity and dramatic utsuri. It is flat ground on one side creating a sharp slicing blade. The original pattern comes from a Japanese whaling knife.The handle is textured wenge with a recessed silk cord under wrapping and lacing over…

Swipe Art!

Swipe art. Paint project for children and toddlers. No paint brushes! | Hildeofor 3 | Forged by David DelaGardelle, Hildeofor is a composite twist pattern welded Germanic style broken backed hunting seax. strong keen and at the ready during any long rough boar hunt in the bush, it is a trustworthy companion for any hunt & a must for the true outdoors man. Stats: OAL: 12 1/2" Blade length: 7 1/2" Steel: 1075 & L6 Grip: Walnut maple and brass.