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[Simple Guide to Photography] Taking photos is one of the most simplest things ever, 3 year olds even know how to do it. But understanding how photography actually works is a whole different ball game. There is a lot more to photography than just having lots of megapixels. This great infographic puts photography into real simple language for anyone to understand.

As a photography professional, this is some great advice, if you don't know anything about taking a picture read this.

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Photography tips for beginners

A lot of great ideas for craft picture taking. I am going to retake all my Etsy pictures.

Aperture is the opening in the camera that adjusts how much light you want to let in for your photo. The lower the aperture number, (ie: 1.8, 2, 3.5) the more blurred your background will be. (Or foreground if you want to focus on the background.) The higher the aperture number, (ie: 16, 22) the more everything will be in focus. It is good to remember that there is not just one way to take a well-lit photograph-- photography has equivalents. This means that you can have a dark room with an apert