1979 Chevy Nova

1976 Chevy Nova SS Muscle Car, had one of these with a 305 V 8 and a 3 speed manual shifter.

Custom 69 Camaro

1969 Chevy Nova SS 427

black 1969 chevy nova ss My brother in law had one way back in the day lol! It was black too!|

Chevy Nova

1969 Chevy Nova. 2nd choice of dream car.


1967 Chevy Nova SS

'67 Nova Dreamy car!!!

want Chevy Nova

Chevy Nova

1969 GTO. Fun fact-this car was sold the last year the US had a balanced budget.. Ok, maybe not so fun..

69 Chevy Nova SS


1956 Chevy

72' Nova SS

1967 Chevy Nova

1971 Chevrolet Nova SS, 350 4bbl/4speed stick


Chevy Chevelle SS '70