auditorium in cartagena

El “B” Auditorium in Cartagena, Spain by SelgasCano

'Music hall and house in Algueña' by Cor & Asociados | Algueña, Spain.

orange stairs

Cray-cray lobby and stairs at Garrison Point in Toronto. / #lobby #architecture #stairs #GarrisonPoint #Toronto

pastel building

Illuminated #lucite stairs - #homedecor #transparent

Modsim / Yazgan Design Architecture.

H&M in Seoul, South Korea | stairs . Treppe . escalier | Design: Universal Design Studio |

yellow stairs..stunning Treppen Stairs Escaleras repinned by #smgtreppen

Perforated Steel Suspended Staircase by Diapo, Inspired from installation by Do Ho Suh at the Tate Modern Gallery

Angular Stairway Stores - an experiment with angles and light casting. The geometric style is very contemporary especially set against the pure white glossy environment combined with the deeper, natural tones of the wooden stairs


Window design.

Colorful glass at Oxford.

selgascano: el B auditorium in cartagena

stair/ ramp design

Monument sculpture Tindaya Mountain // Eduardo Chillida


Chateau-de-la-Rochefoucauld stairway, France. Spectacular double helix open staircase is the centerpiece of the château. The two helixes ascend three floors without ever meeting, illuminated from above by a sort of light house at the highest point of the château. There are suggestions that Leonardo da Vinci may have designed the staircase but this has not been confirmed.