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Together Always

Friends will always stay together...This literally explains us @jessiejones1823

Mirror Mirror | Cushnie et Ochs | Revealed Concealed

Party girls are hot, i want to lick your tummy like that? (Thats what i was trying to say silly)

Meet Talia Reynolds. She is a drunk a party girl most nights but piss her off and she can kick your ass. She was left on a church doorstep at 6 months old and taken in by Father David Hamilton. Raised by the father in his secret order of hunters she has learned one thing. Witches are evil. And she is a witch.

Location: Adonis's stash. Lizzy finds this after he nearly drinks himself to death. She sells the unopened ones on the black market, and flushes the contents of the open bottles. Though she drinks some of the opened ones while Adonis isn't looking. (6)

Alcohol and cigarette are part of the Wyeth's habit. Throughout the play, Lyman, Polly, and Silda are some examples of the characters that drink and smoke.

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His hand reached toward me, cold eyes seeming to ask me to grab it. My mouth tightened and I turned away. He had slaughtered my people, destroyed my home, and forced me into a life of slavery. I would never accept his help.

He's very into smoking cigarettes as well as drinking alcohol.

Squad Goals :: Soul Sisters :: Girl Friends :: Best Friends :: Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Friendship Inspiration @untamedorganica

She was sad and alone. She cut her wrist slowly with her hands shaking slightly. Some people would see it as tragically beautiful... She would just see it as pain.